Here’s to the Ones

Would we be where we are today without the ones that put us down, didn’t believe in us, and shut us out when we needed them most?

Probably not. Honestly, they were probably the best experiences that happened to us. They taught us to be strong, to never give up. They helped us reach our dreams.

But, did they? There are a lot of people out there that would let these people convince them to give up. There are people that would let them get in their head in all the wrongs way. So really, it is not these people but how we choose to react to these people. It is how we want to deal with the negativity they throw. The moment we realize someone is a negative influence in our life, it is time to let them go. Let them be your fuel, burn every word and feeling and make it into an amazing smoke that fills your world and the world around you. Some of the greatest people that have made it have used every negative vibe others throw to push them to the top.

Are we going to lay in our bed and literally dream our dreams the rest of our lives? Or are we going to live them outside of our walls, showing the world all that we are capable of?

Be a murwoman, get out of your comfort zone. & when you get to the top and even on your journey there you can scream,

Here’s to the ones that didn’t believe in you..


They deserve absolutely nothing.


Not your happiness, not your attention and not a moment of your time feeling bad because of them. Keep moving forward. Much love!

What’s your dream?? Say it out loud. Leave it in the comments! Whisper it to yourself, tell a friend. Make it real.



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