Here’s to You

I suppose this will be a good follow up to “Here’s to the Ones”, at least as far as the title goes. 🙂

But I just wanted to give a huge thank you virtual hug and love to everyone here. Everyone that reads. Everyone that follows. Everyone that is for spreading the positive vibes. Every human that is just out there doing their thing.

We hit over a hundred here on the blog a few days ago. I say we because this is truly for everyone. There have been questions, What is “be a murwoman?” So I’ll take this time to give a little info on a simple idea that I believe can have a huge impact.

Be a murwoman is all about a group of people who are all for humans. All for following their heart and dreams. It is directed toward women and accomplishing self love and spreading just as much love as ladies of the world. But that doesn’t mean that the idea doesn’t/can’t apply to every single person.

So, this might mean simply spreading love on the internet. Leave uplifting comments to women who are out there doing their thing like a girl boss. It’s about lifting the same women up when they are having their downs. Because it happens to all of us. It might be simply liking a photo to show your support. It’s spreading these words, positive words, whether it be a blog post, meme, poetry, etc.

It’s about bringing all of this outside of our internet bubble. Compliment a fellow female in the bar, in the grocery line, sitting beside you in class, a co worker, a friend, an enemy. It’s amazing how such a simple compliment can light up someone’s face, possibly turn their whole day around.

So, like I said a simple theory that needs to be spread and that is my goal. It is what I hope becomes your goal. Our goal. Together.

If you have any questions or if you feel you are supportive of “be a murwoman” I would love to hear from you in the comments!!

Here are some places you can find us.

IG: beamurwoman

FB: search “be a murwoman”

Find those two on the blog home page as well 🙂

FB Private Group for Ladies: search “be a murwoman” also

There is also a store if you want some physical evidence to spread words of love and inspiration.
Some of the best sellers..


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