Compliment a Fellow Female

Just the other day I was walking in the parking lot of the grocery store and a girl complimented my dress. When something like that happens, it seriously makes my day.

Bathrooms are a great place for this to happen, especially in bars. ha! I swear I have made best friends that I never talk to again but had undeniable connections with. And 90% of those conversations started with some sort of compliment and usually ended with a selfie. 🙂

We are all too quick, especially hiding behind computer screens, to put each other down. It takes just as much effort to lift each other up, and I promise it makes you feel better. Who knows, you might change someone’s whole outlook. You never know what someone is going through. You may start a beautiful chain reaction of compliments.

So, who will you inspire today? Who will you make smile?

Comments like those from strangers or friends are what inspired this shirt. It’s a reminder that we are in this together, we rise together. Ironically I have gotten a ton of compliments on this shirt wearing it out 😉

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Huge shout out to @urbansodamama for being the best mama model around!

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Don’t worry, wander.




Don’t Worry, Wander

So when we hear the word “wander” or at least when I hear it, my mind goes to travel. I go to figuring out how I am going to see the world, how I am going to enjoy what I have been given far and wide.

But, I want to start small right now. I want to start finding wander in the every day life. The first thing when you wake up, what do you find wander in? I believe if you start the day like this, then it is going to be contagious throughout the rest of the day.

When I googled the definition for wander this came up..
“an act or instance of wandering.”
“she’d go on wanders like that in her nightgown”

How perfect? To wake up in the morning, in the middle of the night, or the middle of the day and just go, find wander in our nightgowns.

I think we can find wander in that first cup of coffee, looking into our loves eyes, waking up our children, or them waking us up. On our drive to work, that sunrise or sunset, the clouds, the fields, the architecture.

There are so many little things we can get caught up worrying about. Money, time, the future, the past, our relationships. Given, most of these things don’t seem so little and at times they really aren’t. But when you look back at your life, do you want to remember worrying about these things or would you rather remember waking up and enjoying every minute and even when you are dealing with these things, doing it in a way that it doesn’t get in the way of other amazing, wanderful moments.

I want to dive deeper in to all of these and others individually in the next few posts, so stay tuned!

I need to go buy an official nightgown now. 😉

P.S. I will be looking for “wanderers” to feature in the blog soon! Whether it be around the world, or in your own backyard! Please feel free to go ahead and email me to get the details. The easiest way is to find me on IG: @wander.people (Where you can also grab a feature) 🙂


Blog Change-Wander People

Hi there Wander People!

This might seem a little off to some of you, as I am making a few slight changes to this blog.

I still want to focus on spreading inspiration and love, it will be about the travelers, wanderers and believers.

Wander People will feature travelers as well as have inspirational posts on travel and life related themes. It will all connect back to wander, which to mean means getting out. Getting out of town, getting out of your house, getting your mind away from any negativity.

So join us on this journey.

Contact us if you would like to be featured and tell your travel story!

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We also have wander related gear for those that want to represent wander on their next adventure!



Feedback Needed

I, not long ago, watched a Netflix documentary called “Chasing Coral.”

I highly recommend it. Not only does it show the beauty this world holds, but also the beauty we are letting go. As humans, myself included, we too often get wrapped up in our own lives. Even the most selfless of us do it. What we forget is we would be nothing without the natural world that surrounds us.

I won’t go into all the details but the documentary goes into interesting and depressing facts of how our ocean water is lowering. With this, the coral reef is bleaching and dying. This beautiful life is diminishing, and the coral is just one of many problems our world is having.

Think about all the unnatural things that we now have in this world. How long our world has been around, what these things could be impacting. The amount of people with electricity, vehicles, trash, excess clothing, cleaners, excessive water use, plastic, electronics, the list could go on.

A lot of this we have heard growing up. We need to reuse, reduce, recycle. Save our environment. What are we going to do about it?

So my question is, what matters to you? What in this world is something that is worth saving? What are some things we can do to help? What can we as a “be a murwoman” community bring awareness to?

Also, I would love to know of some blogs that are dedicated to this sort of thing, helping our world, the issues we face, and how we, as individuals and groups, can help?


Here’s to You

I suppose this will be a good follow up to “Here’s to the Ones”, at least as far as the title goes. 🙂

But I just wanted to give a huge thank you virtual hug and love to everyone here. Everyone that reads. Everyone that follows. Everyone that is for spreading the positive vibes. Every human that is just out there doing their thing.

We hit over a hundred here on the blog a few days ago. I say we because this is truly for everyone. There have been questions, What is “be a murwoman?” So I’ll take this time to give a little info on a simple idea that I believe can have a huge impact.

Be a murwoman is all about a group of people who are all for humans. All for following their heart and dreams. It is directed toward women and accomplishing self love and spreading just as much love as ladies of the world. But that doesn’t mean that the idea doesn’t/can’t apply to every single person.

So, this might mean simply spreading love on the internet. Leave uplifting comments to women who are out there doing their thing like a girl boss. It’s about lifting the same women up when they are having their downs. Because it happens to all of us. It might be simply liking a photo to show your support. It’s spreading these words, positive words, whether it be a blog post, meme, poetry, etc.

It’s about bringing all of this outside of our internet bubble. Compliment a fellow female in the bar, in the grocery line, sitting beside you in class, a co worker, a friend, an enemy. It’s amazing how such a simple compliment can light up someone’s face, possibly turn their whole day around.

So, like I said a simple theory that needs to be spread and that is my goal. It is what I hope becomes your goal. Our goal. Together.

If you have any questions or if you feel you are supportive of “be a murwoman” I would love to hear from you in the comments!!

Here are some places you can find us.

IG: beamurwoman

FB: search “be a murwoman”

Find those two on the blog home page as well 🙂

FB Private Group for Ladies: search “be a murwoman” also

There is also a store if you want some physical evidence to spread words of love and inspiration.
Some of the best sellers..

Here’s to the Ones

Would we be where we are today without the ones that put us down, didn’t believe in us, and shut us out when we needed them most?

Probably not. Honestly, they were probably the best experiences that happened to us. They taught us to be strong, to never give up. They helped us reach our dreams.

But, did they? There are a lot of people out there that would let these people convince them to give up. There are people that would let them get in their head in all the wrongs way. So really, it is not these people but how we choose to react to these people. It is how we want to deal with the negativity they throw. The moment we realize someone is a negative influence in our life, it is time to let them go. Let them be your fuel, burn every word and feeling and make it into an amazing smoke that fills your world and the world around you. Some of the greatest people that have made it have used every negative vibe others throw to push them to the top.

Are we going to lay in our bed and literally dream our dreams the rest of our lives? Or are we going to live them outside of our walls, showing the world all that we are capable of?

Be a murwoman, get out of your comfort zone. & when you get to the top and even on your journey there you can scream,

Here’s to the ones that didn’t believe in you..


They deserve absolutely nothing.


Not your happiness, not your attention and not a moment of your time feeling bad because of them. Keep moving forward. Much love!

What’s your dream?? Say it out loud. Leave it in the comments! Whisper it to yourself, tell a friend. Make it real.